Special Days

Nagapanchami Pooja

Astrology envisages that each Thidhi constitutes its own divine concept. The great Naga deities are the godly embodiments of the Rahu as it is believed. Hence the Suklapaksha Panchami of 'Karkadaka' month is more suited to Naga worship. On this day Abhishekam of milk, honey, ghee, tender coconut, gingelly oil, turmeric powder, panchamrutham, etc are done. Moreover Mavilakku, garlanding of Paruthimala etc also are carried out as part of the penance of the devotees. For those who are under the clutches of the Rahu dosha or under that of the Sarpadosha can get rid of all its ill effects by the said Abhisheka or Mavilakku and Paruthimala offerings. Several devotees enjoy the blessings of Nagaraja-it is experienced.


This is the dedication to the Lord Sree Ayyappa whose blessings bring a man close to divinity. The Mandala period ie, 41 days starting from the 1st of Vrishika is celebrated for the kind and compassionate consideration of Sabarimala SreeDharma Sastha (Lord Ayyappa). Bhajans, Special Pooja, illumined decorations, kettunira etc are the characteristics of this Mandalapooja worship.

Recital of Addyathma Ramayan

It is from the 1st of Karkadaka month every year Addhyatma Ramayana written by Sree Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan is recited in full dedication. Lord Sree Rama, an incarnation of Sree MahaVishnu, lives in the hearts of the people and there by helps to cross the Sansara Sagara ( sea of the physical life). It purifies every soul by removing all the evil aspects of over thought process.