Aayilyam (A Monthly Celebration)

 Every Month the day of Ayilyam, the holy birth date of the Lord is celebrated with all its services. ‘Abhisheka’ with milk, tender coconut water, rose water, oil etc and the so called ‘Nagaroottu’ (feeding ‘Nagaraja’) is carried out. This day resembles the annual festival in its full colour. On that day from 5.30 early morning to noon and then from 5.30 in the evening to the ‘Athazha Pooja’ hundreds of devotees participate and get the blessings of the Lord. Several devotees remit the amount for the said ‘Abhisekha’ in advance and submit their name and stars before the Lord. All facilities are there for the ‘Abhisheka’ with milk, rosewater etc brought by the people upto 9.30am.